Wrongful Deaths

Fatal Accidents

The loss a family sustains from the death of a loved one is impossible to measure. A wrongful death claim allows the loved ones to pursue a claim for wrongful death damages against those that contributed negligently to the accidental death of an innocent victim.

For over 30 years, Timothy L. Hill has represented the families of people killed in accidental tragedies throughout the state of Missouri. Timothy L. Hill battles insurance carriers and negligent companies and individuals that destroy families and cause immeasurable economic and emotional losses.

Experienced attorneys can take the emotional legal burden off the shoulders of family members in a difficult situation. The stressful loss of a loved one should not be compounded by the complexities of the legal system. We provide clear and concise advice throughout your wrongful death claim.

After a serious and fatal loss, my firm tries to obtain a significant recovery for your emotional, social and financial losses that may include:

  • Compensation for medical and funeral losses.
  • Financial payments for future earning losses Payments for lost insurance benefits.
  • Damages for loss of the companionship and guidance of a loved one.
  • Damages for the suffering of your loved one.
Powerful Impact
At Timothy L Hill P.C. we understand the powerful impact of the loss of a loved one and the financial and emotional losses caused by fatal accidents. Timothy L. Hill represents clients throughout Missouri through the St. Louis office and surrounding counties of metropolitan St. Louis. Contact us at 314-421-8000 today.