Insurance Claims and Disputes

Insurance Liability

At Timothy L Hill P.C., we represent injured clients with insurance disputes and claims throughout the State of Missouri and St. Louis area. With 30 years of legal expertise, we resolve many injury claims with success against the insurance industry, even when the insurance company may have denied fair compensation.

Claims and Disputes

Often a negligent driver either has no insurance or inadequate insurance coverage limits to completely and fully compensate for your damages. Who pays and when they pay when a negligent driver is uninsured or under insured? These situations require a claim for uninsured motorist or under insured motorist protection with your automobile insurance company or the insurance company of a relative who resides in your household.

Under insurance and uninsured motorist insurance covers the damages that a negligent motorist causes but does not have sufficient liability coverage to fully pay for your medical expenses, lost wages and physical pain and suffering.

We will review your claim and analyze what type of claim needs to be filed and when it should be filed. Timing is crucial, you need experienced counsel before you discuss your claim with any insurance company, including your own carrier as your interests and your insurance company’s interests may be at odds in an under or uninsured claim.

If you have questions about uninsured motorist damages or underinsured motorist coverage contact us at Timothy L. Hill P.C. for a free initial consultation on your injury claim. We represent clients with injury and insurance claims throughout the State of Missouri, including people in St. Louis and St. Louis County, Missouri, St. Charles County, Jefferson County and Poplar Bluff Missouri. Call today 314-421-8000.