Industrial & Construction

Industrial and Construction Accidents

Factories and industrial sites are dangerous places to work. The employer of factory workers and industrial workers is faced with the responsibility to provide a safe place to work and to provide workers compensation insurance. In addition, many injured workers are exposed to toxic chemicals, or dangerous repetitive movements that result in long term injuries.

Complex Issues

Many industrial site injuries have complex issues that may allow for what is called a "third party" recovery. There may be a claim against a company or individual in addition to the rights you have in workers injury compensation. You need experienced counsel to coordinate these multiple benefits and many of these claims have timely notice requirements that experience legal counsel can provide. Timothy Hill has over 35 years experience in construction site accidents and factory injury claims.

Additional Claims
Many times you may be injured by a dangerous machine and have a product liability claim in addition to your workers compensation claim. It is important to identify the product and to obtain initial legal representation immediately. Contact us for a free consultation by calling 314-421-8000.