Exclusively Representing the Injured

Missouri has adopted new rules related to your responsibilities as an injured worker. If you suffer a work related injury, there are many times sensitive legal requirements that must be followed or you can jeopardize your workers compensation rights. Your chances of receiving all the benefits under the Missouri Workers Compensation Act increase significantly with experienced legal representation by Timothy L. Hill.

With over 30 years of legal experience in the workers compensation field and personal injury field, Timothy Hill exclusively represents injured victims. My firm's focus is steadfast on your rights in a worker injury claim to obtain medical care, short term compensation and settlements for serious workers injury disabilities that have permanent physical effects. Through my office in St. Louis, I represent injured workers in St. Louis, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Jefferson County, Warren County, Poplar Bluff and surrounding counties. Protect your workers injury rights and chance of recovery by contacting us.

Serious Claims

Although many workers injury claims cannot be compared, most serious claims have benefits that may include:

  • Temporary Total Disability: Benefits if a work injury keeps you from working for more than 3 days, you may be eligible for weekly compensation before you return to work
  • Medical Benefits: Compensation for medical care costs that are directly related to the injury and are reasonable and necessary to the on the job injury or repetitive exposure injury claims
  • Permanent Total Disability: Some devastating injuries prevent an injured worker from ever returning to gainful employment in the open market and require long term disability
  • Permanent Partial Disability: Many injured workers are able to return to gainful employment, but are partially disabled from on the job injuries, partial disability compensates you for working with your partial disability in the form or a lump sum settlement.
Special Circumstances
In some instances, you may be entitled to receive workers compensation benefits and social security disability. However, there are serious complicated issues in these situations and you need experienced counsel to coordinate your social security disability benefits and workers compensation settlement.

At Timothy L. Hill P.C. injured clients in the work force are a major focus of my firm. Contact us for a free consultation about your work accident. I represent clients throughout Missouri and the surrounding counties of the metropolitan St. Louis area.