Animal Attacks

Attacks from Animals

Vicious dog attacks are becoming more and more common, and a personal injury claim based upon an animal attack requires experienced and diligent counsel. Attorney Timothy Hill has resolved hundreds of animal attacks on adults and children in the St. Louis and St. Louis County area as well as in Jefferson and St. Charles Counties of Missouri.

Statutes and Common Rule Laws

Animals that attack humans, particularly domesticated animals, are subject to a number of different statutes and common law rules. Some cities have leash laws, and other cities have regulations relating to dangerous animals and animals at large. The old "an animal is entitled to one free bite" is quite often not the rule.

Damages for an animal attack include pain and suffering, reimbursement of medical costs, and potential future medical care costs for cosmetic surgery. Timothy Hill PC has handled numerous claims in the civil court system and has personal experience with animal attacks.

If you were attacked by an animal, do not discuss the claim with the insurance carrier until you have legal advice. Timothy Hill will be happy to discuss the merits of your case and resolve it to your satisfaction. Contact us today for a free consultation by calling 314-421-8000.